Sabuwona I'm Aardvardy.

I was born in Africa, but now I’m really home at Peter Vardy in Scotland. I got here by stowing away in Peter’s holiday holdall and I came here because it’s hard when all your mates want to talk about is termites and the love of my life is cars! I’ve been adopted by Peter Vardy, and have found meself in Scotland surrounded by all the things I love.

And as for Peter and I, we’ve got lots in common – when we run out of cars to chat about, we enjoy a Red Bull, a bag of maltesers and a movie! Peter’s teaching me all about Vardy Values, and I’m teaching him… about termites! He’s holding on to his maltesers for now.

love aardy

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22/11 Children In Need 2011


Did you get up to anything fun for Children In Need? Did you wear a daft costume and help to raise some money?

Plenty of you did. The grand total was well over £26m! You could buy an awful lot of ant-and-termite sandwiches for that, to quote an old aardvark expression.

At Peter Vardy, it was all happening! Every one of the dealerships was heavily involved in raising money through lots of different activities. These included:

  • Throwing sponges at the managers (just sponges: no loofahs, toy boats or rubber ducks)
  • A Tour de Vardy cycle ride round the entire network
  • A penalty shoot-out
  • Body-waxing for men (but not, I’m relieved to say, for aardvarks)
  • A sort of Peter Vardy version of eBay – vBay

There were also lots of cakes being sold for the charity. I bought quite a few. I was a little disappointed that the sprinkles on top weren’t sugar-coated insects, but you can’t have everything.

The BMW Edinburgh team took Hamish, the Highland cow/MINI, round to a local special-needs school. And everyone had a fantastic time. Particularly Hamish himself.

And the total amount of money that was raised by Peter Vardy? Go on, take a guess! GO ON!


The answer was £25,537! A great result for a great day. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year!


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